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Norðurlandasýning HRFÍ Júní 2023

Höðingja Rjúpa "Katla" & Southpaw Legend Saltus Ze Zahrabske "Leo" kepptu um helgina. Leo endaði sem besti rakki (BOB) og Katla besta tík. (BOS) Leo: 6 years old excl type and proportion, beautiful outline, strong body level top line, excl. rear and front angulation, strong skull, very good ear placement, beautiful expression, corr. bite, moves well from all sides, excl. coat and condition. Katla: 2 years old, feminine, excel. proportions, beautiful head with parallel lines, excl. ear set, corr. bite, excl. topline, could be a little bit more firmer in elbows, excl. hind angl. with strong thighs, excl. tailset but be carried a little bit more open, excl. coat and color, moves well from the side.

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